'Rose and Columns' Fine Art Cushion

Image: 'Rose and Columns' Fine Art Cushion
'Rose and Columns' Fine Art Cushion

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'Rose and Columns' Fine Art Cushion

Artist: Cherrie Mansfield

Reference: Cush CM2

Size: 45 x 45 cm approx

Original Medium: Acrylic

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These beautiful Fine Art cushions are printed on sumptious suede in detail even we artists approve of! 

The brushed surface gives the fabric an extremely soft, warm feel adding a touch of individuality to any room, no more generic soft furnishing for you!                                                                     

Filled with fluffy feathers to snuggle in, these cushions won't let you down! 

British design and manufactured its a home grown treat you can trust. Easy access with a bottom  zip and a gorgeous contrast colour cotton backing - check out the photos for details. Give any room some originality with these gorgeous caressible cushions.

Dry Clean Only