A little about us...

Becky and Paul, founders, Origin Arts LtdOrigin Arts is the culmination of all the influences we have absorbed from our years of exhibiting, teaching and wandering around galleries together and..... dreaming! Now it's all at your fingertips and its time share our gorgeous and passionate work with you.

It wasn't until we were engaged, a month after we met, Paul and I found we shared a love of innovative & passionately painted art. Wandering through a Kurt Jackson exhibition ignited inspiration for both of us. I used my inspiration to take a different approach to my fine art and soon after began exhibiting, selling ,publishing work and later building the Origin Arts community and classes. Paul began work on the business plan!

I feel deeply privilaged to go to work on a Monday morning, and meet with dedicated and inspirational artists - not a bad way to start the week!

Origin Arts limited now brings you a host of contemporary artists, to your door, in just a few clicks!

Its time to share!

Thank you for visiting us.

Becky & Paul Newell

Rebecca and Paul Newell, founders of Origin Arts Ltd.