About our Art Classes

Art classes as unique as you are

Part of BBC Arts Get Creative

We are part of the BBC get creative initiative

At Origin classes we have a very open approach to teaching. We know that people can come to addressing their creativity in many different ways, some with great enthusiasm and some with trepidation. People also come for a myriad of reasons, we are an inclusive environment. It is therefore important that first and foremost classes are relaxed, welcoming and fun as well as being informative and sometimes demanding.

We have a structured course for those who choose to work their way through it. We teach step by step pencil work, water colour through to acrylic. Students are invited to step in and out of this structure and develop their own work at any time. Some people choose to dive straight in at the deep end with painting and we support that too.

Origin Arts classes are all about helping a student develop their individuality, their unique creative voice within a supportive, like-minded and fun loving community.